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Swimming Pools and Electrical Safety

As we all know, water and electricity do not mix.

Special rules are stipulated in the Australian Standards/New Zealand Standards 3000:2007 Wiring Rules (commonly known as the AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules) that govern strict regulations in damp situations such as swimming pools, paddling pools and spa pools and their surrounding zones where the risk of electric shock is increased by a reduction in the human body resistance and the likelihood of contact of the body with earth potential.

Zones are classified for swimming pools, spa pools and paddling pools where types of electrical equipment such as power points and lighting are permitted.

For instance Zone 0 (zero) is classified as the area of the interior of a water container of a swimming pool. Electrical items such as powerpoints, switches, pool pump accessories are not permitted in this zone.

Special lighting is permitted within zone 0 but is required to be compliant with International Protection ratings (also known as Ingress Protection or abbreviated to IP rating). The higher the number of IP rating equals to the amount of protection against ingress of moisture. The degree of protection to allow lighting to be installed underwater in pools (Zone 0) is IPX8. For Zone 1 and Zone 2 it is IPX5 and IPX4 respectively.

Lighting within zone 0 is always required to be rated at extra low voltage (12V a.c. /30V d.c) and supplied from an electrical source outside of zone 0.

Power points in zone 1 are permitted for pool equipment only, and require a rating of IPX5 and protected by a safety switch.

If you are considering having a pool installed (in-ground or above-ground) requiring electrical or already have a pool but are concerned about the electrical safety of the installed pool equipment, do not hesitate to contact WiseOne Electrical Services on 0418200753 or email to discuss obligation free any requirements you may have.

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