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Today in the typical household you will find smartphones, tablet devices and portable music devices designed to make living easier and comfortable.

Along with these smart devices comes a unique to the product brand and often bulky charger, which quite often through design are difficult to simply plug into the nearest vacant powerpoint (often requiring to be connected to a power board plugged into the powerpoint).

A solution is available to this common inconvenience in the way of a USB wall charging point fitted to a powerpoint or incorporated into a light switch plate.

A USB mechanism that can easily be installed into a standalone wall plate or a simple replacement of an existing double powerpoint with a double powerpoint that incorporates a USB charging point( or 2 USB charging points).

Features are:

  • Able to reduce overall system load by replacing standard powerpoints with USB wall charger points.

  • Fit up to three USB charger points per switch plate, charge multiple devices simultaneously, quickly, simply and neatly.

  • Inbuilt protection for surge, over-temperature and over-current occurrences, providing a safe alternative to bulky third-party chargers.

  • Meets five-star energy ratings for efficiency with extremely low standby power.

If you are interested in finding out more about the information in this blog, feel free to contact WiseOne Electrical Services on 0418200753 for a no obligation discussion or select the Contact Us button below to send an email with your enquiry.

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